Welcome to my website which shows some of my creations. I was always amazed at the creativity of others who showed so much artistic talent with their cakes. I love a challenge, and enjoyed learning how to turn peoples’ dreams into delicious works of art. 

My love of nature has drawn me to learn how to make many different types of flowers which are used to decorate my cakes. My cookie designs enable me to capture the humor, love and emotion of events. 

Now I can put all of my skills together, with a background including economics, art school, infection control and business administration, and mostly, my love to become a part of your happiness and celebrations. 

I was motivated to follow this path by my many good friends from all walks of life. These include Marina Pulis, Oksana Krasulya, Olga Pichkova, and many, many others. I am so grateful to all of them. They have inspired me to continually look for new ways to make people smile and enjoy tasty treats.